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 What's your Mindset Saga?
Know the story that keeps playing in your mind.
Do you know what effects your actions,
reactions and what colors your experiences?
You knowing... changes everything.

Expect your life to change, as your mind shifts.
Get addicted to the life you love.

Solo Trip

DO you desire
a change?

learn to think
differently first

This project and its ideas are specifically created for you to support your dicision to change. A desired change in yourself, in your circumstances or a new direction in life...  anything new or somthing that you have not succeeded at before. Your ability to facilitate any change starts with a new mindset. 

When you know what moves you to make a change happen... When you know how to translate the change into your actions... only then will success be wihtin your reach. The way you think will pave the only sure way towards new 
results, focus and desired personal freedom

Salmagundi song (940 × 788 px) (25).png

The person you are right now simply CANNOT achieve your goals because of how you think right now. new goals need

a new you

Every goal is born in your mind first, so every change is a result of the new way of thinking to begin with. Only then intention follows and action seals the deal.


When you want something new, the action needs to be new too. The person who you will become in this new process is the one that will actually learn how to achieve more, faster and perform consistently better.


With my MINDSET HACKING I will support your new way of thinking to enable you to become the person who will reach your goals. Let me show you how you can get addicted to the life you will absolutely love.

Ready to make a REAL change?
Sign up for my new MINDSET SAGA app!

Awesome! The launch is coming soon...

ON-DEMAND triggers & mindset
change secrets to think differently!

Every goal requires change. Right now, it's not in your system to act as required to reach your goals.

You in your current version can NOT reach your future goals.

Are you committed to the change?
Then YOU need to change first!
Step 1: Change the way you think.


Let me make that possible for you!

My MINDSET SAGA app will prepare you to become the one who will
reach your every goal,

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todo lists that never seem to get done?
tons of plans and no idea where to begin?
Are you stuck of do you feel limited?

MindSaga 1_edited.png

If you are reading this... you probably know that your can be way more productive and achieve way more. You just don't seem to know how to...

You obviously followed lot's of training, courses, read lot's of smart books... but all of that didn't bring you the results you hoped for.


Too many things to do, too little time, right?! Obviously, not everything works for everyone. WHY?

Because everyone is unique, with your own mindsetting & conditining and so everyone has own Mindset Bugs en Blind Spots that hold you back without you even knowing they exist. 

When you experience a lack of results in your life there is a reason for it. There is something you don't see... or you don't understand why things are NOT working.

The best way to get a grip on the missing link... is to get an outsider, at least at first, to show you what you're not seeing. You need to learn to see your own patterns, so you will understand what really needs changing.


Only then will it be possible to see how to fix the bumps in the road or, even better, to create new ways of getting what you want.

Re.Focus - Under.stand - Re.Try agin & again

To figure out how to become that person that will get thigns done you need to learn to think differently first and find reasons to move bravely. 

join our 
cocoon hikes


Cocoon Hike Forest

Meeting @ parking of restaurant t'Jagershuys, Woudenbergseweg 15, 3707 HW Zeist

Friday AUG 11th

67 euro


Cocoon Hike Forest

Meeting @ parking Amsterdamse Bos, corner of Amstelveenseweg - Van Nijenrodeweg, Amsterdam

Friday AUG 25th

67 euro


Cocoon Hike Dune

Meeting @ parking Westduinpark Zandvoortselaan,

2554 EK Den Haag 

Friday SEPT 8th

67 euro

If you understand why something DOESNOT work...

you will see faster & clearer how to MAKE IT work! 

Beautiful Sunset

mind bugs &
blind spots

Hey there, I'm Anna Tjumina, a trusted Mindset Sidekick for entrepreneurs and professionals who want more than just average. For over 15 years now I support ambitious & curious men and women who are eager to honestly invest their time and efforts to achieve more in life. Whether it's more profits, structure, focus, balance, free time or personal freedom to live on your own terms and proudly make you own bold decisions.

  • Training, books, workshops and webinars are great... but usually they are too general or too specific or you don't feel connected enough to implement the teachings. Let alone finding focus, time and willpower to get on with every advice. True or true?

  • That's why, at first, I focus on why you are NOT getting things done by finding limiting beliefs that are now living rent free in your head. Those insights will quickly deliver first results in your new effortless actions. 

  • The truth is, if you have not done what you plan for... something is holding you back! Even more so... it means you don't want it hard enough or you lacks intrinsic motivation. That is usually the real reason why you don't achieve your goals... they are not really yours!

  • Why aren't you able to focus on your priorities?
    It's because we all have our own mindset bugs and blind spots. We are all conditioned by where, how and with whom we share our lives. Usually... exactly that conditioning is settled in your mind as mind bugs. And so, our automated thinking patterns are holding us back without us even knowing they exist. 


First thing you will notice is a huge relief. It will feel giving up a fight you didn't know you were having. You will be surprised, as the next steps will become obvious and inviting. You will jump into action invigorated and full of excitement. You will be laser focussed en no trouble keeping up the pace until you will get done what is indeed important to YOU! 

Your new thinking will fit you surprisingly well, you will love every bit of it... and it will finally deliver!  

choose change

My Responsibility promise

you are your priority investment

We often forget ourselves. I'm here to remind you to keep paying attention and invest in the most important factor that will deliver you the life that you will love and pleasantly get addicted to... the royally designated YOU! 

How you think about yourself and how you create your priorities will dictate the level of your success and joy in life. Only your mindset has the ability to create personal growth, boost your willpower and secure your confidence, endlessly inspire yourself to move forward and provide sweet energy ... fuelling your curiosity to get where you want to go.

And the good news is, you don't have to do it alone. 

Let me show you how... Your Awesomeness!

“Ik werk nu een jaar met Anna en dat heeft me heel veel opgeleverd. Anna's coaching sessies zijn heel persoonlijk. We werken aan de business, maar we gaan ook de diepte in. Zo heb ik het afgelopen jaar een aantal overtuigingen doorbroken, nieuwe producten ontwikkeld en uiteindelijk mijn verkoop verdubbeld. Ik was altijd tevreden met mijn verkoopcijfers, maar Anna daagde mij uit om dit anders te bekijken en om groter te groeien dan wie ik was. Zonder haar coaching zou mijn business vandaag niet staan waar ik nu gekomen ben. We zijn allemaal op zoek naar rendabel business zodat je de vrijheid hebt om de keuzes te maken die je wilt. Daar ben ik nu en het wordt iedere maand beter. "

— Robert van der Wulp, ondernemer


focus on 

done fast

Dare to
to succeed

Trademarks of success:
Self-management, consistency, innovation

As your Mindset Sidekick I will trigger your way forward and self-innovation when you decide to follow the proven path of achievement: Build your own team! At some point you will need an army of advisors and trustees, but it all starts with a single trusted sidekick...

MindSaga 1_edited.png

In my MINDSET HACKING coaching all eyes are on you, your thinking patterns and why you act as you did. These are our starting points of re.building the quality of your Success Trademarks:
Self-knowledge & self-management drive your effectiveness in life. We all rely on our routines, but without innovation we get stuck in old habits and unsupportive beliefs. A lot of those where useful in the past, but that doesn't make them beneficial for your future. What does still work and where are your blind spots?

Next, let's review the consistency of your positioning in life and take a second look at your conditioning. Is your ambition statement still relevant? Are your goals truly yours? Or are they dictated by society, your parents, idols or friends? Do you clearly know what your talents are? Is your personal branding a true reflection of what you stand for in life?

Personal consistency makes you charismatic to your life's success and the life you love. The attraction will happen effortlessly! 

Working with me is not only listening... it's mostly based on exploration and action. You will bravely and proudly re.define your strengths and thriving motivation that will point you in all the right directions. 

Here are 3 questions you need to answer honestly before you decide you are ready to make any kind of change in your life...

Are YOU ready to change?
Do you dare to experiment?
Are you sure that the way you think now is supporting your life's goals?

If you know are not ready to change yourself first... don't bother. Stick to short term tips&tricks that promise gold mountains and keep bumping your head.

If you are still reading this and it feels right, then let's get this started and try something new. Everyone is unique and nothing works for everybody. So you will need to find what works for you in the process.

I will introduce you to psychology & self-development methods to find ways that will make your actions, habits and thoughts work for you, comfortably.

In bits & pieces we will start working on one goal/issue/challenge at a time. This way, we will get to know your true blueprint while going forward and the mindset that will go well with it. Your new supporting patterns and beliefs will feel natural, easy and they will finally deliver. 



The Chain of Growth Loops

Both business & personal growth happens in repetitive stages: 
Inspiration. Innovation. Planning. Implementation. Tweaking. Stabilisation.
Going through growth loops too fast, too slow, without the right
focus or even skipping steps
 is the real reason 
you don't succeed.
When we work hard, and we don't 
see results fast... we tend to
get defensive, become a victim, find something to blame and
often, we get stuck, losing confidence and faith in ourselves. 
What we obviously don't see at such moments are 

our mind bugs and unsupportive patterns. 

Discovering and understanding those will immediately show you
what really needs to happen in your next successful growth loop.

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