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Re.Write Your Success Story

When life seems to be stuck on repeat.

When hard work doesn't pay off as it should.

When life’s ratrace seems to have lost its charm.

When goals don’t seem to happen the way you plan them. 

When striving for more control doesn’t impact the outcomes.

When life doesn’t seem to change no matter what you do.

When success doesn’t seem to make you as happy as you expected.

When common sense doesn’t make sense anymore…

MindSaga 1_edited.png
Cloudy Mountain

when you know something is missing

and you already have tried a million things...

Well done... you've made it!

This is the very point where you can actually start re.writing your success story into a life that you will
madly fall in love with and deeply get addicted to!

This project is created for the curious spirits that don’t give up when going gets tough. When perspective fades and hope is trembling they know to look inside for next the steps and new directions to explore.

Allow me to take a guess… you have tried a lot, followed tons of good advice and spent lots of time and means to follow mentors and other guides. You are almost there… the only difference here, is that I will show you how to follow your own voice, talent, trust and surrender. Because that's the only guidance that will deliver you the life you love.

No one has the right answers, until you will find your own.
No one will have the perfect advice until you will follow your own.
Your story needs to be written by YOU.

Welcome to your new Success Story!

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You see, mindsetting cannot be erased, despite what many other experts out there may say.

Physically, once formed, the brain connections never die. Especially the ones that are sealed by strong emotions.


That’s why, on some deep level, you are always riding the waves of old conditioned mindsetting of a younger you. But don't worry, it's up to you to follow that or not once you become aware of such option.


You need to learn to recognise your patterns and understand them first before you can decide to act with or against them.


And no amount of positive thinking will ever change this evolutionary (fixed) important function of your mindset.


If something had an impact or a meaning back then… that conclusion of your past experience will always stay with you. And be greatful for this very cool mind feature. Now let's learn to play with it in your favor.

Re.Writing Your Success Story is nothing more than to start thinking differently about who you are, what you can and what you really want in life.


In our daily lives, we just follow our automatic thinking flows… the ones that were created yesterday, last decade and even the ones you have adopted when you were a kid.


Your body and mind remember how excited you were with your new bike or skates and how painful the first fall was once you have stepped on it. That’s it… fear of failure was born and labelled as painful and undesirable.


It disillusioned your enthusiasm and killed your heroic dreams of riding into the sunset. Instead of a bike… it’s a relationship now, or a job or whatever you dream of.

You can tell yourself that’s not you, that you are smarter, and all grown up now. But here is the thing about your mindset: Once an experience is backed up by emotions that made an impact on you back then… you are stuck with it for the rest of your life.

Otherwise, the past will dictate your actions and thoughts in similar situations again and again and you will follow the lead of the younger you with no questions asked. And we don't want that, right?!

Some advice says to just move on.

But moving on often results in running away! 

 Every experience, even the uncomfortable one, had a purpose once. Whether it was to temper your expectations, save you from danger or make you rethink your strategy. To move forward to any new dreams, achievements and successes… need to realise the value of your past mindsetting first.

move on supported
by your past

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If you came this far and you are still reading… not compelled to click away because this might sound too farfetched… then it means you recognise the patterns in your life. And you are not happy with some, or most, of them. You are not alone.

What bothers me most in general coaching out there is the fact that running away from the past by adopting positive thinking promises the success we all so yearn for.

But… if that was how it really works, our world would look a whole lot better, full of happy and accomplished people.

Yes, change seems to be the only thing that leads to success.

But even that is not really accurate. It’s not the change… it’s the innovation. And innovation needs old basics that are very important. Old basics is the very starting point of anything new. True or true?!

If you dismiss the importance of history, aka your current story line, you can never make any lasting innovation. Understanding the basics is the very first step for re.writing any story line, in any direction.

This is why this project of
Re.writing Your Success Story is different. I’m not going to give you endless tips, pushing or motivating you to change.

I will give you explanation about how patterns work, mental and body-focussed, and by rediscovering the basics of your current story you will grasp the foundation of your new innovations.

You will transform by understanding yourself with an appreciation of how you got here. You might not like where you are now, but it’s exactly where you need to be to get to the point of new innovation.

An innovation that you will control this time. An innovation that will be fresh, exciting, truly yours… untouched by past experiences and external conditioning.

MindSaga 1.png

Personal change is usually an inner war. Fight this, stop that, train this, force that. That's difficult, exhausting and we are not built to live on willpower for a very long time. Just biologically impossible. And that's the very reason why many just give up at some point and return to how it used to be, concluding that chasing dreams is not for them. Let me explain a very important truth here...

Everything wants to exist, and so do your old mindset patterns. They served you well for many years and they won't give up easily. So when you give up after a heated inner battle... the old habits will automatically take over again, as they usually do.


And each time you will be discouraged even more... proving that old habits die hard. YOU are the one who makes your inner enemies stronger by fighting harder. Let's change that! 

This project is all about:

* letting whatever happened to you stay in the past without any say in the now or the future.

* promoting those past experiences to become your medals of honour. Notice how your mindset starts to get uncomfortable at this point as you probably don't agree they deserve a medal.


* start asking yourself trigger questions to move forward without a fight. Yup, it's possible, you just never learned how to.


* trusting your own guidance so you can act in the moment not based on your past, but guided by what deeply moves you and your desires. Spoiler alert! This is how you build a new habit... not in stead of, but in addition to your current conditioning!

Re-writing Your Success Story is the path of least resistance.

So are you up for it?

Does this slightly excite you?

Are you willing to act in new ways,

trustung that the outcome will be sweet? 

a warm welcome to join
my mindset saga project! 

If you choose to stick with me,
you must risk becoming a new YOU.
The one that is addicted to the life you love.
A life without compromise, as you will become
a fearless advocate of your cherished lifestyle. 
A life that will require old habits to go, unhealthy connections
& friends to depart, uncomfortable duties to leave your todo list. 
A life with very clear boundaries, certain no's and chrystal clear yes's.
A life that will be forged by your inspiring new way of thinking, that will give birth to an encouraging self love & respect. It will be remarkable, full of liberating revelations and firm decision making. But mostly...
a life that will be 
comfortable, exciting and fulfilling in every way.

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MindSaga 1.png

To achieve all that, you need to realise that you will need to become someone you are NOT right now. You will have to leave a lot of (unconsciously) comfortable parts of you, the ones that are only capable to create the life you have right now. 


You want something else, a different life?

Then you need to become someone else first.


That new version of you will love every bit of your new life's story.  And logically, this change can be a scary project. 


Becoming someone new is an endeavour of inner bravery. But here is the good part: if you are reading this… you KNOW that you deserve it, you have it in you, you are so close you can smell it.


There is just something missing… we'll find it!

I don't know how you will turn out to be, but I know for sure that the new version of you will be epic & true. You know you are, right?!

It won't be a straight line. Some courage, persistence and determination will be required. But let me promise you one thing...


It will not be a battle, a struggle or hard work. If you experience life & progress like that, as you probably do now, you are not doing it right. 


Sounds weird, because that is what we are conditioned to believe in... that success is hard work. But real success is effortless. 


The steps that will follow in this project will be easy, effortless and pleasing. Just read and see what will fit. Let me show you how!

It's like resetting settings on any device. You need to read the manual, figure out where to find what (which is usually a hassle). But then... all goes smoothly and comfortably... fully automatic. Precisely as expected. 


Exactly like that will be your journey of re.writing your success story with me!

Group Hike

what to

This project is a intriguing introduction to radically new ways of thinking about life. It's not THE way or the right way. It's not meant to persuade you of anything. Nor to teach you how to live your life. It's just a way. It might trigger you, inspire you or leave you entertained... or neither. My only proposition is for you to give it go... you might be surprised to discover how much impact your thinking has on your success story and the quality of your life.

I believe that change & innovation is the essence of life, but to be able to change painlessly and in joyful anticipation... you need to adopt a certain way of thinking and fluidity of mindsetting.

If you want to see different things in your life - you first need to start thinking differently. Here is where I come in. I want to trigger you into asking questions, questioning the way you grew to think. I want to intrigue you into asking 'how and why' questions so you will discover the awesome effects of intended, controlled and effortless change.


Change by desire is a gamechanger for the way things will happen in your life. You will see a certain new dynamic in your experiences that will pleasantly surprise you, fill you up with exciting energy and zest for life.


Sure not everything will be easy-peazy or even immediately applicable... but you will be a different person with every step you will take. You will notice that you deal with many situations differently than before. Your perspectives will effortlessly change.


Sure you will fall back into old & proven thinking patterns now and then, but you will be able to notice those dwellings now. By recognizing the repetition, you will break the tendencies you have been fed up with for so long. Change starts here.

It’s all about your mindset and how you think about life and everything in it. You don’t have to be special or multitalented. You just need to trust the YOU you are by birth. I know you will love that version of you once you will see what you can do.  

what not
to expect

Let's talk about hard work, comfort zone and positive thinking. Because that is where this project is different by design. 

Many say that hard work is the key to success. But look around, that is obviously not true. Trust and passion are way more important. Also, the very label of ‘hard work’ is pretty demotivating. The well-kept secret is... if you are doing it right,

it won’t feel like hard work. Just doing your thing! 


Next, I will never ask you to step out of your comfort zone. No matter what many declare... success only exists within your comfort zone! 

I will just invite you to expand your current comfort zone so you will be energetically loaded and mentally driven… your progress will seem effortless.

Succes is never OUT there. It always starts within and lives within. Psychologically & physiologically, we can only perform consistently well when we are comfortable. A challenge has nothing to do with comfort. It has to do with drive and passion. And those come from inside, backed up by natural confidence we all so value.  


Stepping out of your comfort zone only creates stress, physical and mental. It creates pressure and daunting (self) expectations. And as you might know by now... all our suffering comes from wrong expectations. 

And last but not least... this is not a course in positive thinking. To improve anything, you need to see the faults and problems. Not only that, you need to understand them, investigate them and  realise the flow that brought these unwanted or unsatisfing results. 


It's the discovery of an unseen process that you let happen without knowing. And it's not your fault. That's conditioning. To improve your life you need to understand the negative first. Although you will soon see that there are no negatives. Just lables that you learned to use in certain patterns and with certain logic. See, it’s all in your mindset.

Something got you to where you are now. So it's good to know how you got here. Only then can you decide where to go next, knowing what you know.


Everything in your mindset has a reason. Everything in your mindset has the power to ignite an action, because every action is born in your mind first. Your reality starts in your mind! Which action and towards what?


Here is where self-trust will kick in and, depending on the level of your surrender, it has the ability to take you to a place where you will get addicted to the life you love.

Your current mindset won’t give up without a fight. And so you might hate what I will say at times. You might resist any new input (for a while). Or you might be triggered in all the wrong directions - but if you are deeply committed to finally make a lasting change… you will give it all a fair go.

And that's the first secret to a successful life: your burning & enthusiastic inner curiosity will be the reason you will succeed in life. Big and lasting!

Know the story that keeps playing in your mind. You knowing... changes everything.

Sunset Sailboats

preparation to launch re.write

MindSaga 1_edited.png

Before you decide to dive into my Mindset Saga app, we first need to talk BASICS, like Comfort Zone, Your Past, Inner Trust, Surrender & Decision Making, Machanics of Conditioning, Belief, Attachement and Goalsetting. 


These are the 7 primary basics of you re.writing your success story. As we go, we will add up and expand variations of how you can twist and turn your story around to figure out and experiment with life's events to actually discover what makes you addicted to the life that you will madly love.


These first 7 Mindset Basics XL-Chapters are introduction to how a mindset works and how conditioning is formed. Those are recommended in that order & importance.


Anything that your mindset will be attracted to next...

is free riding your journey the way it fits you most. Which means, that you can choose and read any chapter you want. You will get ALL ACCESS! 


By that time, you will know how to trust your inner mentor to choose the right next chapter for you. 

It’s all a beautiful & organic process. You’ll see. 

Salmagundi song (940 × 788 px) (32).png

The 7 Mindset Basics XL-Chapters are the most valubale gift to yourself for just 27 euro but that is just the beginning. I will invite you to stick with me and allow me to be your mindsest sidekick on your journey ahead.


I have created topic-related ongoing Mindset Exploration Subscription to be there for you when you will feel inspired to continue the exploration of your Mindset Saga. 


For a monthly fee of 7 euro a month you will get unlimited access to all content, with ongoing new topic-talks (in audio & printed formats) which are presented in convenient 

7 Exploration Pillars

Or you can choose Mindset Changeology Subscription with additinal Q&A support and

in-app (group) chats for a more profound personal approach for 37 euro a month. Know, whatever you choose, it will work in your favor.

mindset saga journey



The ground principle and the reason for everything inside this project is the innovative CHANGE. To start this change you need to know how you got here... and discover how to get ahead, thriving on your own terms.  Let's start with basics. 

Inner Mentor


By thinking differently you will gain strength, wisdom and charm to play with changes. That is what I call Inner Mentoring. That’s the only way to success. Only you know yourself. So learn to become your own glorious mentor. 

Surfing in Sunset_edited.jpg
Get Personal


By habitually thinking differently you will get skilled in rewriting your story. But it's a process and stuff will happen. Get support on the go during our Q&A sessions with me or dive into in-app group chats to keep going on course.

7 BASICS xl-Chapters
and a cool BONUS!

Learn the mindsetting mechanics that you could apply to every change you will ever make to transform successfully... and I will gift you a crazy valuable BONUS chapter with '7 Check-in Questions' that you can apply on the go to know your next steps, evaluate your progress and tweek your mindset!

If you are willing to give this project a serious go, I will celebrate your eagerness and curiosity with a very effective BONUS XL-Chapter on how to know where you are, what are your next steps, and how to quickly refocus & get unstuck.


Knowing this will increase your chances of actually getting what you so desperately want in life. As everything else inside this project, this method is different and radically expanding new ways of thinking about yourself, your future goals and accomplishments.

Let me surprise you... and spike your curiosity by sharing with you a sure way to mindsetting that will actually let you taste the so longed sweetness of the life that you will madly love.

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subsriptions include all access to the library with monthly new chapter-talks

in audio and printed formats and in-app  chat & support

Salmagundi song (940 × 788 px) (32).png

mix&match your deep dive into 7 exploration pillars within membership subscription

Detachment Guide

Detachment Guide

CONNECTING DOTS Exploration Pillar I

Principles of Transformation

Principles of Transformation

CHANGE PARADOX Exploration Pillar III

Game of Triggers

Game of Triggers

QUESTION KINGDOM Exploration Pillar V

Narrative Psychology

Narrative Psychology

POWER OF 1 WORD Exploration Pillar II

Resetting Conditioning

Resetting Conditioning

REALITY OF BELIEFS Exploration Pillar IV

Suggestion Paradigm

Suggestion Paradigm


Habit Factory

Habit Factory

HIGHWAY TO GOALS Exploration Pillar VII

MindSaga 1.png

Even if you will decide to go your own way after these 7 Mindset Basics XL-Chapters, you will be propped with sweet mindsetting basics & hacks which will serve you good in any version of your story to come.


Mostly, I hope I will settle in a corner of your mindset to remind you to always follow your guts and use your yummy comfort and self-love in all your future decision-making.


Because that is the essential skill of every successful person on our pretty blue planet.


You don't need to be super smart or spiritual... you just need to dare to be YOU all the way!

And to be you... you  need to re.learn to listen to your drives, your heart and your naturally born talents with a free mind. We all have massively unlearned the art of self-guidance and self-trust due to heavy external and generally accepted conditioning.


And let’s admit it… it doesn’t make us undeniably happy.


So let’s give something else a good & fair go. Whenever you will feel like it... join my Mindset Saga app and together we will break this new re.learning process down to short and sweet chapters. Let's talk!

You choose the pace and the direction... trusting your Inner Mentor.

A different topic, a different order or a different timing. There is no

1-size-fits-all when it comes to re.writing your mindset. We are all formed differently, so you will have to find your own way of changing your Mindset Saga. One chapter at a time. Scrolling through the options, trusting your mindset to stop you at something that probably

will have the most impact. Just start and see where it will take you.

Thank you for crossing paths with me!


Changeology state of mind
The art of mindsetting towards effortless life improvements, empowered self image, lasting detachment, comfortable change skills and reliable trust in desirable present & future

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